Don’t try this at home!

December 5, 2010

On second thought maybe you should, so you can see how difficult it is, and then give up and call me.
Here’s the scenario: It’s a beautiful, bright sunny day and you’re about to take some photos of a new listing. When you get there, you find that the sun is shining directly into the room, and no matter how many shots you take, they are just not turning out. You get either a nice shot of the view, but the interior is completely dark, or you get a nicely exposed interior shot, and the view is completely blown out.

The solution? Photoshop to the rescue! By combining the two photos above, as well as a couple of others in between these exposures, Photoshop magically takes the best elements of all the photos and blends them into one perfectly exposed image. A little tweaking here and there, and voila!

I chose this image because I just shot it for a client yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon. Although the view is partially obscured by the building next door, it’s a perfect example of this very common problem. If you have a property with a killer south-facing view, you will no doubt encounter this situation. The easiest solution is to shoot it early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is not shining directly in the windows. If that’s not possible, then call a pro. The difference between a great photo of a view and a bad one can be thousands of dollars. Professional photography is a very small investment to make!

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