Twilight Time

September 15, 2011

Now that the sun is setting at a more reasonable time of day I’m getting requests for twilight shoots. They cost a little more, but it’s worth it for the right house. Evening shots stand out on MLS, show off the view, and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in many rooms. So what do you look for in a home the determine if it’s the right one for a twilight shoot? Generally, contemporary, open plan homes work best. Recessed lighting and dimmers make a huge difference, as do large windows and a view. The weather doesn’t have to be perfect – an overcast sky can actually look pretty dramatic in the evening. As long as it’s clear enough to showcase the view.
Here’s a home I shot the other night for Dave Kenny. Timing is everything in twilight sessions. I shot the interior rooms until it got dark enough to shoot rooms with large windows and views. The exterior shots are critical, and have to be timed perfectly. Too early and you get a dull-looking daylight scene, too late and the sky is solid black. We timed this one just right, I think.

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