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March 3, 2012

As more and more buyers turn to the Internet to do their home shopping, videos have become an increasingly popular form of marketing. So even though I have my hands full keeping up with the latest technology for still photography, I can’t keep turning down my clients who are clamouring for videos to showcase their properties.

I finally broke down and got the tools together to create a video for Clive Benjafield and Steve Mitchell of Sotheby’s Realty. This listing was the perfect choice: lots of natural light, nobody home so I could spend as long as I wanted there, and pretty close to my house in case I forgot to bring something. This last point proved advantageous, as half way through the shoot my battery died, and I had to hightail it home to get a fresh one (note to self…)

Shooting the video wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Although far from perfect, the use of a slider on a tripod gives it a lot of polish. I can see lots of glitches in the finished product, but I’ll get better over time. You can check it out here.

If you are interested in video tours for your real estate listing, give me a shout!

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