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Campus living

September 25, 2011

Student housing was never like this when I was in school. This UBC area home boasts three bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, and walnut cabinetry throughout. The huge private deck faces northwest and offers spectacular views of Howe Sound. Talk to Monique Badun about this unique property.

Summer is officially over, and the arrival of last night’s monsoon put a capper on about a month of (almost) non-stop sunshine. So before we forget how good we had it, here’s a collection of some of the nicer view shots I have taken over the past several weeks. They are all from different parts of the Lower Mainland. It gives you a good sense of how many different vantage points there are from which to enjoy this beautiful city. Try to figure out the location of each picture. Answers at the bottom. Enjoy!

1. British Properties, West Vancouver.
2. Main and Terminal Streets, Vancouver.
3. Burrard and Pacific, Vancouver.
4. Same place, looking north.
5. Iona Drive, UBC.
6. East 28th Ave, Vancouver.
7. British Properties, West Vancouver.
8. Seymour and Davie Street, Vancouver.
9. Looking north from Park royal, West Vancouver.
10. Capilano Road area, North Vancouver.
11. Looking south toward Metrotown, Burnaby.
12. Looking out over False Creek from Homer Street.
13. Melville Street at Bute, Vancouver.
14. Caufield area, West Vancouver.
15. West End, Vancouver.
16. Dunbar area looking north, Vancouver.

Top of the British Properties

September 16, 2011

You can tell that a house is well designed when it looks good even in the pouring rain. This beautiful timber frame home in the British Properties has a breathtaking living area, with huge windows framed by a soaring 20 foot ceiling and an open walkway on the second floor. I will be going back for view shots when (if?) the weather clears up, but in the meantime enjoy the indoor scenery of this impressive home. Contact Darlene Dunnett for more information.

Twilight Time

September 15, 2011

Now that the sun is setting at a more reasonable time of day I’m getting requests for twilight shoots. They cost a little more, but it’s worth it for the right house. Evening shots stand out on MLS, show off the view, and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in many rooms. So what do you look for in a home the determine if it’s the right one for a twilight shoot? Generally, contemporary, open plan homes work best. Recessed lighting and dimmers make a huge difference, as do large windows and a view. The weather doesn’t have to be perfect – an overcast sky can actually look pretty dramatic in the evening. As long as it’s clear enough to showcase the view.
Here’s a home I shot the other night for Dave Kenny. Timing is everything in twilight sessions. I shot the interior rooms until it got dark enough to shoot rooms with large windows and views. The exterior shots are critical, and have to be timed perfectly. Too early and you get a dull-looking daylight scene, too late and the sky is solid black. We timed this one just right, I think.

Modillion Construction

September 2, 2011

Dave and Doug over at Modillion Construction have been working on some pretty sweet renovation projects in the past little while. and recently contacted me to document some of their efforts. These images are of a recent ‘renovation rescue’ they performed in Vancouver’s west side, taking over from some contractors who either didn’t know what they were doing, or didn’t care. Modillion fixed the mistakes and finished the job. Sounds like a reality show in the making, doesn’t it?