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It’s always an adventure shooting properties in West Vancouver. Every neighbourhood, every house is unique. The entire city is perched on a hillside, offering incredible views of Vancouver and beyond from just about every window. And the homes tucked away along the winding waterfront roads are nothing short of spectacular.
One of the more interesting neighbourhoods is called the Parthenon, named after an old estate that had structures built to resemble Greek ruins. Some of the foundations and columns are still there, enjoyed by the dozen or so houses that now occupy the property. The waterfront itself is shared among the homeowners, so each can lay claim to beach access. The land is surrounded on three sides by the ocean, and includes a barbecue area, concrete wharf, beach, trails, and an unobstructed view of Burrard Inlet. Oh yes, and the house is pretty nice too. John Jennings can fill you in on the details.