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I was recently asked to shoot some more interiors for award winning developer Solterra’s new Sunset Grove community in Surrey, B.C.. Shooting display suites is a nice change of pace from run of the mill real estate photography, since the furnishings and accessories are always photogenic. I also like the challenge of trying to communicate a lifestyle in photographs, rather than showing how big a room is, or what the view looks like out the window. It’s a completely different approach, and each shot has to be carefully orchestrated, since the images can end up the size of a billboard, or printed on high quality, glossy paper. So the chairs have to be lined up perfectly, towels have to be folded just right, and bedspreads have to have just the right amount of wrinkles in them to look great but not hotel room perfect.

The Keefer Block

December 13, 2012

I always look forward to shooting a project for Jen Eden from Occupy Design. She always finds unique and creative ways to use a space, and the display suite for Solterra’s Keefer Block is a great example of that. The presentation centre sits at street level right downtown, and faces north. There are no windows and virtually no ambient light, but Jen managed to open it up by constructing an indoor balcony and a huge backlit skyline. That light source, combined with the huge neon sign, and ceiling mounted spotlights as well as flourescents, put me to the test. Several hours later I emerged with a great set of images that she can use in her portfolio to demonstrate her versatility and problem solving skills.
Keefer VancouverKeefer VancouverOccupy DesignJen EdenKeefer VancouverKeefer Vancouver
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Welcome to my new blog!

October 31, 2010

It’s about time I got with the 21st century and made myself a blog that is a little more contemporary looking than my previous one. I found it was getting harder to motivate myself to update a blog that I really didn’t care for, and as a result it kind of languished in limbo for quite a while. On top of that I still have other websites, blogs, Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket accounts to update as well. At least this new blog will consolidate two others so I can spend more time working and less time blogging. Speaking of work….

I had a great time last week shooting several projects for Jen Eden of Occupy Design: Sun at 72nd and Vita, both by Solterra Developments, and a private residence in Yaletown. Since I was shooting for the designer my main priority was to showcase the furnishings, mill work and finishes. Lots of detail, little or no shadows, ignore the spectacular views. If I had been shooting for the developer I would have taken more of a ‘lifestyle’ approach: shooting at twilight, for example, when it’s not as bright outside, will bring the views into the composition. Lower angles provide intimacy, especially when you are shooting as if you are sitting at the table or on the sofa. And photos showing lots of depth give the impression of big, relaxing rooms.

Private residence…

The images below are from Sunat72: