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Back in February I spent a couple of days taking pictures of Shannon Station, a group of luxury condos in the heart of Kerrisdale. At the time there was still a lot of construction going on, and the suites were barely finished, let alone furnished. This week I was asked to go back and shoot a couple of units which have been staged in preparation for a big marketing push by Judith Matheson in September. Here’s a sneak peek:

Shannon Station
Shannon Station

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New Kerrisdale Home

July 26, 2012

Just finished editing a photo shoot I did for a recently completed Kerrisdale home. Design and construction credits go to Trillium Project Management and Occupy Design.

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Siberian Sunset

July 11, 2012

So Steve Mitchell and I were up on the roof of this house in the British Properties the other night, waiting for the sun to set so we could grab some nice twilight view shots with the infinity pool in the foreground. The sky was very hazy – we couldn’t see Mount Baker or Vancouver Island. But we still got some fabulous shots like the one below. It wasn’t until I got home that I found out the brown smog was caused by forest fires in Russia. Seriously.

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The sun has been shining so rarely these days that when it does, my phone rings off the hook with realtors and builders wanting to get some nice view shots. The other day I did a shoot for realtor Monique Badun out on the UBC campus. This top floor condo has a large wraparound patio that looks spectacular when the sun is out and the sky is blue. However, as most people know, shooting in the direct sun can be very problematic. The highlights are often blown out, and the shadows turn into inky black holes. So, flashes to the rescue: one on the camera, and another in my hand. Although my flashes are pretty powerful, they only have a range of about 20 feet in the sunshine. So the trick with shooting a sunny scene is to position the camera so the immediate foreground is darker than the background. That way the flash can light up whatever is right in front of you, and Mother Nature can light up the background. Here are a couple of samples of flash fill.

The image below was lit from on camera and the right side of the frame, and it stretches the limits of what a flash can light up outdoors.

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Mackenzie Green

July 1, 2012

The intersection of Mackenzie and 33rd is a small pocket of retail stores in the heart of residential Kerrisdale. It includes a bakery, grocery store, dentist, and until a couple of years ago, a gas station. That gas station has been replaced by a nice collection of ten homes called Mackenzie Green. I had the pleasure of shooting some images for the brochure and website a while ago. I recently went back to shoot a few more images for the website of the Interior Design company, Kodu.