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More Kitchen Art

November 30, 2011

Just completed another series of interior photos for Kitchen Art Design: four houses in two days. I really enjoy these sessions, since I can spend a lot more time setting up the lighting and composition for each image. Some of the more challenging setups can take up to an hour, such as a lot of dark-grained wood against light coloured walls or bright windows. And on top of the setup and shooting time, there are hours of editing to be done. Some of the images are a blend of dozens of individual frames. Once again, the work done by KAD is just amazing.

Designer Dog

November 15, 2011

While doing a shoot for Modillion Construction recently my stager decided that a large, furry prop was needed to dress up this particular shot. Her dog, Dougal, was ready and willing, so we coaxed him onto the window seat. He’s very comfortable in front of the camera, as you can see.

Bayside Cabinets

November 12, 2011

I just completed this small shoot for Bayside Cabinets. They did an amazing job of designing this kitchen to maximize counter space in a very small area. We didn’t have a lot of room to work in, and the white tiles were very bright against the dark wood cabinets, making it difficult to get a good exposure of all the elements. It took all of my lights, and some serious Photoshop work to get the final result. Bayside needed some high resolution photos, as this kitchen will be entered in a national design competition. Good luck Tod, and thanks to Ambient Design for the great staging!

Will shoot for food

November 9, 2011

Every so often I get a call from travel website to shoot a local hotel in Vancouver or Whistler. This week they asked me to shoot the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, and while I was at it, to order a few things off the menu at Heron’s and shoot those too. I grudgingly complied. The restaurant staff put together a beautiful seafood tray as well as their signature dessert, a blue cheese cheesecake.

  • Chef Patrick Dore serves up a seafood platter.
  • Ta-da!
  • Blue cheese cheesecake.
  • Whoops…
  • Sold by Lorne Goldman

    November 6, 2011

    If you have driven down Cornwall Avenue by Kits Beach anytime in the last few months you could not have missed the huge sign in front of this small apartment building. Five suites in total, each one with a water view. The building was last used as a private home, and the suites were not rented, just occupied infrequently by friends and family. So all were beautifully furnished in the same vintage 1970s period. I knew this one of a kind property wouldn’t last long on the market. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the inside of this unique property, here are a few of my photos.

    East Vancouver Model Home

    November 3, 2011

    I am always impressed when someone goes to great lengths to clean up their home for a photo shoot. Even more impressed when they have two small children, like in this home. I thought I was in a display suite for a housing development. Hopefully the photos we ended up with will help bring some quick offers to the homeowners, because it can’t be easy living in a house that looks like a magazine ad. Lorne Goldman has this listing.

    Edenshaw Townhome

    November 1, 2011

    This beautiful townhouse is located just a short walk from Caufeild Village in West Vancouver. The spacious interior is highlighted by vaulted ceilings and an open plan living area. The home is immaculate. Huge windows and light coloured walls made this place a snap to shoot as well. It also helped to be able to capture an entire room from the upper floors. See Eric Christiansen for more information.