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East Vancouver Renovation

February 24, 2013

This heritage house in East Vancouver was a particularly tricky shoot. Dark wood is one of the most difficult surfaces to capture. It is a light-sucking sponge, and what light doesn’t get absorbed by the wood is often bounced right back at the camera as glare. So when Dave at Barkovic Development Corp described this project to me over the phone, I made sure we booked an overcast day. At least I wouldn’t have to fight the sun, which would have made things even worse. Fortunately for me, Dave gave me complete license to shoot whatever I wanted, which in most cases was the incredible details that have been masterfully restored or replaced throughout the house, like the push button light switches.

East Vancouver heritage houseEast Vancouver heritage houseDave Barkovic
For more information: Contact 604.765.1843

Designer Dog

November 15, 2011

While doing a shoot for Modillion Construction recently my stager decided that a large, furry prop was needed to dress up this particular shot. Her dog, Dougal, was ready and willing, so we coaxed him onto the window seat. He’s very comfortable in front of the camera, as you can see.

Bayside Cabinets

November 12, 2011

I just completed this small shoot for Bayside Cabinets. They did an amazing job of designing this kitchen to maximize counter space in a very small area. We didn’t have a lot of room to work in, and the white tiles were very bright against the dark wood cabinets, making it difficult to get a good exposure of all the elements. It took all of my lights, and some serious Photoshop work to get the final result. Bayside needed some high resolution photos, as this kitchen will be entered in a national design competition. Good luck Tod, and thanks to Ambient Design for the great staging!

Modillion Construction

September 2, 2011

Dave and Doug over at Modillion Construction have been working on some pretty sweet renovation projects in the past little while. and recently contacted me to document some of their efforts. These images are of a recent ‘renovation rescue’ they performed in Vancouver’s west side, taking over from some contractors who either didn’t know what they were doing, or didn’t care. Modillion fixed the mistakes and finished the job. Sounds like a reality show in the making, doesn’t it?