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Capilano Highlands

October 14, 2012

Here are some images of a nicely decorated home I shot for Clive and Steve the other day. Lots of whites, with splashes of colour everywhere. In North Vancouver, near the top of Capilano Road.

Vancouver real estate photographerVancouver real estate photographerVancouver real estate photographerVancouver real estate photographerVancouver real estate photographerVancouver real estate photographer
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No beige allowed

June 24, 2012

The owners of this North Vancouver view property banished neutral colours from their home when they redesigned it a few years ago. Instead of blending into the background, the walls transform the house into a work of art, reflecting the tastes of the owners, and complements their interesting collections of figurines, sculptures, and motorcycles. From the street, the front of the house is very unassuming, but the back yard is where the real living takes place: a huge pool, decks, waterfall, and cabana make the most of the available space. I’m glad Clive and Steve chose to do a night shoot here, the colours stand out like neon against the dark blue evening sky.
North Vancouver real estateNorth Vancouver real estate

Waterfront Anyone?

May 24, 2012

Just a short boat ride away and you can enjoy a three-bedroom home on your own private beach for just over a million dollars. The open plan offers views from virtually anywhere in the house. Decks and hot tubs abound. Bowen Island awaits! Check out Clive Benjafield’s site for all the info.

Ronald Thom Bungalow

May 20, 2012

I had the privilege the other day of shooting a North Vancouver bungalow designed and built by renowned architect Ronald Thom, the man behind the BC Hydro building, Massey College, and Trent University, among others. This particular structure was a more modest affair: two bedrooms, no basement, but what struck me about the design was the way the home was integrated with the outdoor space. The back wall of the house was entirely glass, overlooking a tiled patio which served as an extra room in the warmer, drier months. Inside, the plain wooden walls, which would normally make a room feel small, dark and claustrophobic, are balanced with glass, mirrors and strips of white paneling. The dark ceiling floats above the rooms, perched on long white beams which stretch the length of the home both inside and out. It’s been restored to its original lustre by its current owners, both architects, but is now for sale. Clive Benjafield has all the information.
Ronlad ThomRonald ThomRonald ThomRonald ThomRonald Thom

Real estate video

March 3, 2012

As more and more buyers turn to the Internet to do their home shopping, videos have become an increasingly popular form of marketing. So even though I have my hands full keeping up with the latest technology for still photography, I can’t keep turning down my clients who are clamouring for videos to showcase their properties.

I finally broke down and got the tools together to create a video for Clive Benjafield and Steve Mitchell of Sotheby’s Realty. This listing was the perfect choice: lots of natural light, nobody home so I could spend as long as I wanted there, and pretty close to my house in case I forgot to bring something. This last point proved advantageous, as half way through the shoot my battery died, and I had to hightail it home to get a fresh one (note to self…)

Shooting the video wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Although far from perfect, the use of a slider on a tripod gives it a lot of polish. I can see lots of glitches in the finished product, but I’ll get better over time. You can check it out here.

If you are interested in video tours for your real estate listing, give me a shout!

Night And Day

January 4, 2012

I shot this nice home in North Vancouver’s Edgemont neighbourhood for realtor Clive Benjafield the other day. After seeing the photos, he asked me to come back and do an evening shoot of the exterior. I think he made the right call. Even with an overcast, rainy sky, a twilight shoot can make a house look pretty spectacular. Here are the daytime and evening shots of the house. Check out Clive’s website for the rest of the photos.

Not a bad view

April 19, 2011

I just completed this shoot last night for Clive Benjafield. It’s a combo townhouse/office on West 8th in the False Creek area. I think this is the best vantage point for views in the city. You can see the densely packed downtown Vancouver core as well as the mountains behind it, and a 180 degree view to boot. And the inside of this place ain’t bad either….

Busy day yesterday. The sun came out for the first time in a while so I had some view shots to redo from previous days. I also had this twilight shoot scheduled for Steve Mitchell. Fantastic new house in Upper Lonsdale. We caught the sunset perfectly, then focused on the interior rooms. Great big open plan living room and kitchen, polished concrete floors, and a ton of windows. One of a kind.