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Taylor Street Hangout

April 16, 2015

If I was teaching a class in Real Estate Photography 101, this Gastown home would be on the final exam. Bright, sunny skies and glass walls everywhere seem like a good idea, but the camera sees things much differently than the eye. You have to use more flash on days like today, although you might think the opposite. On the plus side, the pictures that do turn out have a real sparkle to them, and shooting a great space like this that has been staged to perfection always helps.
If you want more info, contact Sebastian Albrecht.

John Bentley Vancouver Architectural Photographer
John Bentley Vancouver Architectural Photographer
John Bentley Vancouver Architectural Photographer
John Bentley Vancouver Architectural Photographer

Union Street Penthouse

August 29, 2013

We had a nice overcast day to shoot this three-level penthouse. The floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light, which made my job much easier, and allowed me to spend some extra time shooting this sleek, urban home. Huge open rooms surround a floating staircase. A rooftop deck lets you enjoy the downtown skyline which is just a short walk away. And a second, larger deck wraps around two sides of the main living area. Beautifully finished with modern artwork and furniture. A very impressive place. Whitney Lewis can arrange a tour for you.


Union Street penthouse

Union Street penthouse


The Keefer Block

December 13, 2012

I always look forward to shooting a project for Jen Eden from Occupy Design. She always finds unique and creative ways to use a space, and the display suite for Solterra’s Keefer Block is a great example of that. The presentation centre sits at street level right downtown, and faces north. There are no windows and virtually no ambient light, but Jen managed to open it up by constructing an indoor balcony and a huge backlit skyline. That light source, combined with the huge neon sign, and ceiling mounted spotlights as well as flourescents, put me to the test. Several hours later I emerged with a great set of images that she can use in her portfolio to demonstrate her versatility and problem solving skills.
Keefer VancouverKeefer VancouverOccupy DesignJen EdenKeefer VancouverKeefer Vancouver
Contact: 604.765.1843

A different point of view

October 20, 2012

The floor to ceiling windows in this Gastown loft offer an unobstructed view of Vancouver’s waterfront. From here you can watch cars, trains, planes, ships, and helicopters shuttle in and out of the city’s core, against a backdrop of highrise buildings and the North Shore mountains. Grady Harris has all the info on this unique property.

Water Street Profile

May 15, 2011

I shot this office space for Water Street Profile, a boutique shared office space in Gastown. The challenge with this environment was to show the stunning view along with the interior details, which in some cases were dark wood, brick and furnishings. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, cameras just don’t have the dynamic range to pull the details from dark shadows and bright daylight in the same shot. So a little Photoshop trickery was required, but just enough to show all the necessary details without drawing attention to the technique, which can be a problem with a lot of HDR-style images. It’s not hard to make HDR images, but it’s hard to make good ones. My client was ecstatic with the results, and has asked me to come back and shoot some more offices for him.