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Occupy Surrey

November 3, 2014

When Jen Eden of Occupy Design calls to have one of her projects photographed, I never quite know what to expect. She has become the ‘go-to’ designer of display suites for many of Vancouver’s top builders, thanks to her imaginative use of colour and props. No lines of Perrier bottles or giant pine cones in the bathroom. The images below are for a couple of developments in Surrey by Dawson + Sawyer.


Trump Tower Vancouver

December 2, 2013

Although I’m not a big fan of The Donald, I couldn’t help but get excited when Merike of Kodu Design asked me to meet her downtown to shoot the presentation centre for the new Trump Hotel and Tower. As usual, Merike did an outstanding job, and although I had to deal with some very dark rooms and backlit walls, we ended up with some great shots, a few of which are here:

Trump Tower VancouverTrump VancouverTrump VancouverTrump-Vancouver2Trump VancouverTrump-Vancouver

John Bentley Photographer

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  • Street Photography

    October 23, 2013

    I spent a good chunk of time this summer walking around some of Vancouver’s more interesting neighbourhoods, camera in hand. Not because it was a fun thing to do (it was), but because I was being paid to do it by some Vancouver builders. The photos are being used on websites and Facebook pages for some of the new developments going up around the city. My only instructions were to capture the spirit of the area.

    Now, five years ago this would never have happened. Jobs like this didn’t exist. But marketers of housing developments have discovered the power of social media, and are using it to reach their target markets, through blogs, Twitter, websites and Facebook pages websites like this one . And as a result I get paid to wander around the city, taking pictures of whatever strikes my fancy. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

    Here are a few of the thousands of images that I shot this summer. No staging, no flashes or reflectors. Just real slices of life in Vancouver.

    Cambie Street, VancouverCambie Street, VancouverHastings Street Neighbourhood, Vancouver1J6A37181J6A42371J6A42551J6A45871J6A47111J6A77221J6A76471J6A98441J6A47061J6A45601J6A77401J6A7763 - Copy1J6A47471J6A78301J6A4253

    Arbutus Ridge

    July 12, 2013

    Some images from a recent photoshoot of the Arbutus Ridge presentation centre. Shot for Trepp Design.

    1J6A18011J6A18131J6A1783Arbutus RidgeArbutus Ridge

    Montgomery Townhomes

    February 18, 2013

    I shot this display suite the other day at Montgomery Townhomes, a collection of luxury residences in the Oakridge area of Vancouver.Montgomery TownhomesMontgomery TownhomesMontgomery TownhomesMontgomery TownhomesMontgomery Townhomes

    Jeffs Residences

    January 31, 2013

    If you have dreamed of living in the heart of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive district, Jeffs Residences might be what you’re looking for. The development is a series of twenty townhomes designed with turn-of-the-century exteriors, and ultra modern interiors. Grand opening is February 9. Here is a sneak preview of some of the images I took for the developer:

    Jeffs ResidencesJeffs Residences 2Jeffs Residences 3Jeffs Residences 4Jeffs Residences 5Jeffs Residences 6
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    The Keefer Block

    December 13, 2012

    I always look forward to shooting a project for Jen Eden from Occupy Design. She always finds unique and creative ways to use a space, and the display suite for Solterra’s Keefer Block is a great example of that. The presentation centre sits at street level right downtown, and faces north. There are no windows and virtually no ambient light, but Jen managed to open it up by constructing an indoor balcony and a huge backlit skyline. That light source, combined with the huge neon sign, and ceiling mounted spotlights as well as flourescents, put me to the test. Several hours later I emerged with a great set of images that she can use in her portfolio to demonstrate her versatility and problem solving skills.
    Keefer VancouverKeefer VancouverOccupy DesignJen EdenKeefer VancouverKeefer Vancouver
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    Pleasant Walk

    November 27, 2012

    I just completed a photo shoot for a group of townhomes on a beautiful quiet street in Mount Pleasant. Pleasant Walk is brand new, and one of the suites has been artfully staged and open for inspection. Contact Patrick Weeks for more information.

    Pleasant Walk, VancouverPleasant Walk, VancouverPleasant Walk, VancouverPleasant Walk, VancouverPleasant Walk, Vancouver

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    Odenza Homes photoshoot

    November 17, 2012

    When you are shooting for a busy, successful custom home builder like Odenza, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the perfect time to get your shots. There’s usually only one day between the time the home is completed, and it is turned over to the owner, as was the case with this west side beauty. On this day, the afternoon sun was low in the sky and blazing in the windows, which had no shades or blinds, since the house was still undergoing a few last-minute touchups. The hardwood floors magnified the sunlight and sent it flying around the bare walls and ceilings. We had to shove construction materials out of sight, sweep the sawdust off the floors, and dodge the plumbers, electricians and house inspectors who were finishing up their work. We tried to keep out of everyone’s way as we worked our way through each room. At the end of the day we had 30 images of this beautiful house for Odenza to add to their portfolio. Odenza HomesOdenza HomesOdenza HomesOdenza Homes

    Bayswater and Broadway

    October 9, 2012

    Here are some images of a recent shoot I did at Bayswater, a new development by Mosaic Homes, nestled among the yoga studios and coffee shops of Kitsilano. Jen Eden of Occupy Design put the Presentation Centre together, and asked me to document it for posterity. With only a handful of units left to sell, the Centre won’t be there very much longer.

    The Bayswater