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Caufeild View

October 26, 2012

The steep hills of West Vancouver’s Caufeild neighbourhood offer some homes a completely unobstructed view of the world. From this house, you can see the lights of Nanaimo on a clear night. But even when the weather is cloudy, it’s still breathtaking. The house has a covered hot tub room with west facing windows, so you can soak in the view while you soak in the tub. Talk to Eric Christiansen for more information on this listing.

Caufeild house for saleCaufeild house for saleCaufeild house for saleCaufeild house for sale

A different point of view

October 20, 2012

The floor to ceiling windows in this Gastown loft offer an unobstructed view of Vancouver’s waterfront. From here you can watch cars, trains, planes, ships, and helicopters shuttle in and out of the city’s core, against a backdrop of highrise buildings and the North Shore mountains. Grady Harris has all the info on this unique property.

Siberian Sunset

July 11, 2012

So Steve Mitchell and I were up on the roof of this house in the British Properties the other night, waiting for the sun to set so we could grab some nice twilight view shots with the infinity pool in the foreground. The sky was very hazy – we couldn’t see Mount Baker or Vancouver Island. But we still got some fabulous shots like the one below. It wasn’t until I got home that I found out the brown smog was caused by forest fires in Russia. Seriously.

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The sun has been shining so rarely these days that when it does, my phone rings off the hook with realtors and builders wanting to get some nice view shots. The other day I did a shoot for realtor Monique Badun out on the UBC campus. This top floor condo has a large wraparound patio that looks spectacular when the sun is out and the sky is blue. However, as most people know, shooting in the direct sun can be very problematic. The highlights are often blown out, and the shadows turn into inky black holes. So, flashes to the rescue: one on the camera, and another in my hand. Although my flashes are pretty powerful, they only have a range of about 20 feet in the sunshine. So the trick with shooting a sunny scene is to position the camera so the immediate foreground is darker than the background. That way the flash can light up whatever is right in front of you, and Mother Nature can light up the background. Here are a couple of samples of flash fill.

The image below was lit from on camera and the right side of the frame, and it stretches the limits of what a flash can light up outdoors.

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We put this shoot off for several days waiting for sunny weather, but the best we could do in the time frame we had was a day of no rain. So although the late afternoon sun wasn’t basking the city in a golden glow as I had hoped, we did manage to get some amazing images of this penthouse suite in Vancouver’s newest landmark, Jameson House. It is the first North American residential project designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners, and features stone floors, floor to ceiling windows, and Canada’s first automated parking garage. This top floor suite also boasts an enormous deck with unobstructed views of the city. Monique Badun can fill you in on the details.

Waterfront Anyone?

May 24, 2012

Just a short boat ride away and you can enjoy a three-bedroom home on your own private beach for just over a million dollars. The open plan offers views from virtually anywhere in the house. Decks and hot tubs abound. Bowen Island awaits! Check out Clive Benjafield’s site for all the info.

Above the Waterfall

April 21, 2012

If you are a regular visitor to Granville Island you will recognize this award-winning Arthur Erickson building. It’s hard to miss. The other day Grady Harris asked me to shoot the penthouse suite here. Not surprisingly, I agreed. Light was pouring in through floor to ceiling windows onto the dark wood paneling and polished concrete ceiling, making my job a lot more challenging. But with a little extra work I ended up with some memorable pictures. It’s places like this that remind me what a spectacular city Vancouver is.

View time

April 8, 2012

I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday to reshoot exteriors for some of my clients. Imagine waking up to one of these views every morning.

I’m on a boat

March 25, 2012

I don’t mind working on a sunny Saturday when there’s a boat ride involved. An Eagle Island resident gave me a lift so I could get a waters-eye view of this home for Jacquie Swaisland. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, the house is going for $11 million.

My ride. Everybody on the island has one of these.

Twilight in Edenshaw

March 9, 2012

We had a few sunny days recently and my client, Eric Christiansen, took advantage of the nice weather to book some twilight shoots with me. I got to this West Vancouver townhome a little before sunset and started shooting interiors until the sky offered up that nice cobalt blue tone that I always wait for. It’s only visible for about 15 minutes just after the sun goes down, so it’s important to scout out the locations for those special shots ahead of time. For this layout, we had two balconies and the main room to cover, so I just ran from one spot to the other, taking shots every minute or so. You can see all the images, plus the listing information here.